Become a SolarTiday Cleaner Today.

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Earn money by helping people save money!

If you provide window or solar panel washing services in your area, you’re likely already qualified to become a SolarTidy cleaner. We bring customers to you, and allow you to set your availability using your mobile phone! To learn more, see our FAQ below.

All over the Internet!

Whether you use your home computer, a tablet or mobile phone, you can receive appointments and manage your calendar at anytime and anyplace.

Earn More Money

Fill your schedule as to maximize your earnings per day. ServiceTidy takes a small percentage of the order which is usually far less than what you currently spend to find a new customer. You get paid weekly!

Own Your Schedule!

Work as little or as much as you want. We know you have other jobs or plans. Just let us know when you have availability, and we’ll try to find a customer for that time spot. We try to book spots at least 2 days in advance.

To get started, please complete the application below:

Cleaner Sign Up Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete the application on this page. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive our agreement that contains all of our terms and conditions. Please review, sign and send back. We will also need to receive a copy of your business license, and insurance. Upon completion, you will receive your log-in, and will be ready to setup your calendar (we will have detailed instructions, but it’s really easy!). Then, you’re set to receive your first appointments.

How much and when do I get paid?

SolarTidy pays you on a revenue share basis.  Please contact us for exact rate information. We require that you complete a direct deposit authorization form. Each week on Wednesday, we’ll send your total earnings for the preceding week.  Depending on your bank, transfer times can take from 3-6 days.

How do cancellations works?

If you or the customer needs to cancel an appointment, you or the customer can simply log-in to our system at then select and cancel the appointment. If you cancel the appointment, we’ll notify the customer to re-book the appointment based on your open available calendar. If the customer cancels, we will prompt them to reschedule immediately. You’ll receive the new appointment as soon as it’s made.

How do clients book appointments that match your availability?

Once approved as a SolarTidy agent, you will receive a username and login (you will need to set the password). Once log-in, you can setup your availability schedule day by day, or week by week. For example, you can setup available spots for every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 2 PM to 5 PM. If any of your available spots become filled with your other clients, you can simply log-in and remove that time slot.  As customers book an appointment with using the site, they will see only the currently “open” spots. Once they book and pay for the service, you’ll receive a notification. The system even allows you to update your calendar such as outlook or google calendar automatically as to ensure you have it recorded in your daily or weekly agenda.

What are the minimum qualifications needed to become a SolarTidy Agent (cleaner)?

You must be:

– At least 18 years old
– Legal to work in the United States
– Have the required solar panel cleaning equipment; Ionizing Machine, Poles/Brushes, Ladder
– Have a working vehicle that can transport your equipment.
– Have a working smartphone
– Have a bank account for direct deposits

In the future, we are working on an equipment leasing program for those trained individuals who do not have the required equipment.