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“About 2 years ago I installed 23 solar panels on my home in Carlsbad, CA. Everything was going fine until I started to notice my output slowly decreasing. I adjusted for seasonality and shorter days but there was still a significant drop. What was going on? I did some research and found to my surprise, that over time, dust and other debris accumulation can cause up to a 30% drop in solar panel output. After having my panels cleaned , I discovered an immediate 15% increase in output. And this 15% translated to $500 in cold hard cash savings per year. This is why we started SolarTidy. Our mission is to optimize each of our customer’s solar panels for maximum output and save them a ton of money, guaranteed! ” – Brian, CEO of SolarTidy


Service Plan (Reminder) Service allows you to schedule ongoing service, lock your prices at NO RISK! Recommended!
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“After having my 23 panels cleaned my system went from 28 to 32 KWh/day!” Read ‘How It Works‘ to learn more.

Specialized Cleaning Process & Expertise

Our well-trained, licensed, and insured servicers use 100% chemical free Deionized water and specialized brushes designed for solar panel cleaning. This specialized, environmentally-friendly method provides a spot and blemish free finish and allows your panels to operate at their maximum capacity, optimizing their efficiency so you can receive the most financial benefits from your investment. Our servicers will do a  professional 25 point before and after inspection of all solar panels.

This Saves You Money!

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that solar panels lose up to 30% of their energy output due to the accumulation of leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris. Our aim is to save every individual client as much as possible. In many cases this means we can save you up to $500+/year or more!* In fact, if you have a 25 panel system and gain 20%, you’ll save approx. $720 per year. See grid below for details.

Low Prices & Guaranteed Results!

With our 50% OFF promotion (Until January 31, 2018), you’ll get the lowest price on the planet! We pride ourselves on saving you money. If you’re unhappy with your service, we’ll gladly refund your money. So what are you waiting for? Don’t risk damage to your panels or injury trying to do this yourself! Start realizing the benefits of clean solar panels today using SolarTidy!

Also we can clean your exterior windows too! See our 3 Windows Cleaned FREE promotion in January.*

How Long Ago Since You Last Cleaned Your Solar Panels?

See chart below to provide a relative indication to how well your solar panels are performing based on time between your last cleaning.

Stop Losing Money Due to Dust Accumulation!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is solar panel cleaning essential?

Have you had solar panels installed for 6 months or more? When you had your solar panels installed did you consider the importance of maintenance? All solar panels are purchased and installed with the understanding that even though the initial costs of the investment are significant, the future savings are well worth the outlay! However, what began as a good intention may have been a waste of your time, effort and ultimately your money. The harsh environmental elements have the ability to rapidly diminish the efficiency of your solar panels. Without regular cleaning, all of these good intentions could potentially be costing you hundreds of dollars! Not only do the manufacturers recommend it, regular solar panel cleaning is a no brainer once you begin to outweigh the costs of the maintenance to the potential financial losses.

How will solar panel cleaning protect my warranty?

Did you know, most solar panel manufacturers specify regular cleaning as a requirement of warranty periods and claims? Not only do they specify regular cleaning periods, they also specify required methods of cleaning. Harsh chemicals not only damage your solar panels they also have the ability to void your solar panel warranty! Using a SolarTidy servicer, you’ll receive a tailored fit cleaning within the warranty guidelines of your solar panels warranty requirements. Through the use of chemical free de-ionised water, soft bristle brushes and safe handling- not only will it boost the efficiency of your panels, it will ultimately protect your warranty!

What is Di-ionized water and why do you use it?

De-ionized water is water that has been filtered to remove ions. We use Deionized as it is 100% chemical free and environmentally sustainable. However, the major benefit of its use is the spot and blemish free finish! This finish allows the panels to operate at their maximum capacity, optimizing their efficiency and ultimately allows all clients to receive the most financial benefits from their investment.

Can’t I just clean the panels myself?

You could, but consider this 1) It’s unsafe for you to go on your roof unless you’re trained and have the proper equipment 2) Spraying your panels with tap water will leave hard water spots, which blocks UV rays and reduces your power output 3) Pressurized water can damage the panels 4) Without being trained you won’t be able to detect weather damage or cracks in your panels 4) It takes time to do it right. Your time is valuable. Let professionals do the job right while you relax!

Do I need to be home when you are cleaning them?

No. As long as your selected solar panel cleaner has access to your roof (or where your panels) are located, you will not need to be home. You can also contact your cleaner by phone or email to make any schedule changes or coordinate instructions for easy access to the roof.

How often do you recommend I should get them cleaned?

There are endless environmental factors with the ability to cause a build up of dirt and grime on your panels. For these reasons, having your panels cleaned on a bi-annual basis is adequate for most residential systems and is also recommended by most solar panel manufacturers.

Can you clean my windows too?

Yes. We can clean your exterior windows too, leaving them amazingly spot-free. Packages start at $100! Please see our Window Washing page for more information.

Are you licensed and insured?

All of the SolarTidy cleaners are independent businesses and not employed by SolarTidy. It is requirement for all servicers to be licensed, bonded, trained and experienced in cleaning solar panels and have a minimum $1 million in general liability insurance. This means that your home and your panels are fully covered by the Servicer should any damage occur during the cleaning process.

See our Terms of Use Policy for more information.

Pricing: Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning:

Dirty panels can hinder solar panel output by up to 30%, which for even a 20 panel system can mean up to $800/yr in lost electrical output. To prevent this, SolarTidy recommends 2 to 3 cleanings per year as part of a service plan that includes an optimal performance inspection, minor system repair, pest abatement (coming soon), warranty monitoring, and our ProPlus Di-ionized cleaning treatment. Select ‘Service Plan’ or “Single Cleaning’ below:

Service Plan
Save up to 60%* (over reg. price, single)
  • Coupon Codes not Valid. Prices already discounted
  • Best Value! Best Protection!
  • Available for: Residential & Commercial
  • Service Plan for 3X, 2X or 1X Per Year Includes:
  • 1. Optimal Performance Inspection
  • 2. ProPlus Di-ionized Water Treatment
  • 3. Pest Abatement (Coming Soon)
  • 4. Price Protection (Lock-in price for years)
  • Service Plans Available for 10 Panels to 3,000 Panels!
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Single Cleaning
Starts at $59.99* – 50% OFF!
  • *Prices are 50% Off Until 1/31
  • Residential/Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning:
  • Up to 10 Panels - $59.99* Reg: $120
  • 11 to 17 Panels - $79.99* Reg: $160
  • 18 to 25 Panels - $99.99* Reg: $220
  • 26 to 34 Panels - $119.99* Reg: $240
  • 35 to 42 Panels - $149.99* Reg: $300
  • See Full Price List for Up to 3,000 Panels
  • Option: Exterior Window Cleaning: for as low as $100*
  • Coupon Codes Not Valid with Window Cleaning
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Always appreciate hearing from our customers! Thank you!

"These guys are great! Efficient and easy to work with, they got the job done and sent pictures so I could see before and after. Because of the good service, I am also going to use them for window cleaning."
Judy M. – Vista, CASatisfied Customer
"Came out, cleaned my panels. The service was awesome. Panels looked very clean after they were done. They didn't leave any mess around. I'm very pleased with SolarTidy."
Dmitriy R. – San Diego, CASatisfied Customer
"Excellent service. Job well done. I'm getting a 20% jump in KWh after the cleaning. I'll see you again in 6 months."
Brad M., Carlsbad, CASatisfied Customer
"Thanks Brian, the difference is astounding! And I just got my SDG&E bill which was $100 lower for the month of August." Thanks, Steve"
Steve P., San Diego, CASatisfied Customer
"Thank you. Very satisfied with your service. FYI production increased by 15.5%. 209kWh vs 181kWh before. Have a great weekend!"
Oliver R. – Poway, CASatisfied Customer
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