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After: Photo 1

After: Photo 2

This SolarTidy commercial customer from Vista, CA owns a building with 218 solar panels that is located right next to the 78 freeway. The amount of dust kicked up by the freeway is excessive to say the least! In some areas there was so much dust you could barely see the panels. This was definitely impeding their solar output and with a system that large, the output losses could easily run $7K-$10K per year. After our ProPlus Di-Ionized cleaning treatment, the panels shined with brand-new clarity. In fact, this treatment will last 10 times longer than traditional cleaning methods and allow your panels to operate at their maximum capacity, optimizing their efficiency so you can receive the most financial benefits from your investment. Due to the location and excessive dust, we’re scheduled to return every 4 months to ensure optimal output on these system.

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