Carlsbad, CA — One of the privileges of owning a solar panel cleaning company is that you get your panels cleaned at a super discounted rate.  I selected our customer’s most commonly selected service plan, 2X/year, not only so I could experience first hand what our customer’s experience but also so I could reap the rewards of greater solar output from my own panels.  I wanted to document in greater detail the performance results from my 2nd solar panel cleaning so I could share with my customers and hopefully further validate their decision to use SolarTidy to clean their solar panels on a regular basis. My home is located in Carlsbad and I have 23 panels. I first had my solar panels cleaned in June and now I was ready for my twice year cleaning. My crew came out to clean my solar panels on December 21st, the shortest day of the year.  Without further explanation, let’s get to the before pictures ..

Before 1:  Lots of dust and hundreds of tiny debris spots caused by pollen, birds, etc.

Before 2: You see a brownish glaze across the panels which is the dust accumulation.

Before 3: Other angle of the largest section; a 16 panel set.

Before 4:  A close-up of the dust a debris spots.

Before 5:  The crew also discovered a lot of bird droppings on my chimney. This can be power washing (another service we offer)

Now for the “after” solar washing pics …

After Solar Panel Cleaning 1:  Wow! Look how the solar panels shine with clarity. The purified water treatment leaves the panels so clean you can easily see the reflection of the panels like it’s a mirror.

After 2:  The brownish glaze is completely gone.

And the results …

You can see the blue line suddenly jump up at about 9:20, the time of the cleaning. For comparative purposes, I drew in the red line to show the estimated production if I had not had the cleaning done.

Here’s a view of the daily solar panel production leading up the cleaning. The key is to compare your solar output to a similar type of day. It just so happened that Dec 17,18, and 19 were sunny days as you can see by the smooth curve of the output line. Dec 20 was a party cloudy day, and Dec 21 was another sunny day.  Dec 22 was a party cloudy day.  So comparing Dec 17-19 with Dec 21 would be a perfect test.

Now for the actual KWh output:   On the sunny days before my cleaning I was getting about 19.46 KWh per day from my solar system. On the day of the cleaning, my solar output jumped to 22.02 KWh. That’s a jump of 2.56 KWh or 13.2%.   Keep in mind the cleaning was in the mid-morning so I likely missed out on some increased production as well on that day and Dec 17-19 were slightly longer days (remember my solar panel cleaning was on the shortest day of the year). I’m guessing my real increase would have been closer to 15% removing those variables.

There you have it! Real results and proof that cleaning your solar panels does boost performance! Now my panels were not super dirty since I get them cleaned 2X per year. We’ve seen some panels that are 4-5 times dirtier than mine, which is why we do promote that you could see a 30%+ increase in output.

Thanks, Brian R (CEO, SolarTidy)

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