Lakeside resident has solar panels cleaned to amazing results

Lakeside, CA — It was our privilege to clean this 11-17 panel system in Lakeside today. As you can see in the before and after pictures above and below, we discovered that a thick layer of dust accumulation and tons … Read More

Lakeside Home’s Solar Panels Shine Like New After SolarTidy Cleaning

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Lakeside Home Receives ProPlus Di-Ionized Solar Panel Cleaning Treatment

Lakeside, CA — Today we had the opportunity to clean this 11-17 panel system in Lakeside. As you can see by the before and after pics, we discovered a combination of dust accumulation along with debris spots that was definitely … Read More

Attack of the Tree Spots on this Lakeside Solar System

Lakeside, CA — If you have trees that are located close to your home and your solar panels, you’ll likely receive various forms of tree debris like tree sap, pollen and dust that can form a lot of “tree spots” … Read More