Southern California's Leader In Commerical Solar Array Cleaning

“For the past several years, we’ve been considered the leader in commercial solar panel cleaning in Southern California. Our completed jobs include solar farms, schools, 200-300 panel rooftop system, car port systems at apartment buildings, and various other large systems up to 10,000 panels. We provide unparalleled expertise, flexibility, and professionalism to ensure we can complete your cleaning project and optimize the power output on your large investment. We understand that each commercial system presents its own challenges and create a custom cleaning plan for each project. Please complete our ‘Commercial Quote Request Form’ to receive a custom quote within 24 hours!” – Brian, CEO of SolarTidy

Case Study: Woodland Village Appartments: Car Port

Recently, SolarTidy cleaned this 705 panel commercial system mounted an a parking canopy located at the Woodland Village Apartments  in San Marcos, CA. After the cleaning, they will be savings $15K per year in energy!

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