Fallbrook, CA — Today we had the pleasure of returning to clean one of our customer’s solar panels as part of our Gold 3 Times Per Year Service Plan, a highly recommended plan which provides solar optimal performance throughout the year. This time it was for their winter cleaning.  This 25 panel system resides in Fallbrook  which is both in the countryside and nearby a construction project. This combination kicks up a lot of dust into the air and unfortunately covers these solar panels with a thick layer of dust accumulation and tree debris that prevents the solar system from experiencing optimal solar output.  We arrived early in the morning today so the degree of dirtiness was somewhat hidden by the shadows as you can see in the before and after pics but after our ProPlus Di-Ionized cleaning treatment, the panels shined with brand-new clarity. In fact, this treatment will last 10 times longer than traditional cleaning methods and allow your panels to operate at their maximum capacity, optimizing their efficiency so you can receive the most financial benefits from your investment. We’ll be back in May for the pre-summer cleaning!

Please see blog post on the last cleaning of this home.

Before Cleaning: Photo 2

Before Cleaning: Photo 3

After Cleaning: Photo 1

After Cleaning: Photo 2

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