When Is The Last Time You Cleaned Your Rain Gutters?

Gutter Cleaning is a fundamental element of your home’s well-being, and up keeping. They’re purpose is to control the flow of rainwater. This is done to protect your home’s roof, walls, foundation and landscape.When your rain gutters are neglected, experts say gutters can quickly become an expensive nightmare. Gutters clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Most Contractors say clogged up gutters also make nice homes for mold, pest, rodent and honeycombs from bee infestations.

It is a dirty job, but it has to be done. The rain gutters on your home need to be cleaned on a regular basis and kept free of and dead leaves, bird nest, dirt, and any other debris. There is no getting around the fact that you have to take care of your rain gutters when you are a homeowner.You’ll notice dry leaves, tree branches, and more gathering during the dry summer, but when the rain season hits you see a crazy overflow from your rain gutters. That is because we tend not to notice when it is too late after the water is pouring over. This is where it can be costly to fix. Worse, your could find yourself in a situation where your gutters have to be repaired or fixed.

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What Happens If You don’t Clean Your Gutters?

Gutters filled with years of debris are in danger of clogging, drain problems, and other potentially serious damage. Debris can pile up quickly causing rust damage to gutters. This creates an unsafe and unstable rain gutter. In addition this highly increases your chances of water damage to your roof, siding, and basement.

  • Water Damage:   One of the most important job of the rain gutters that surrounding your house are to protect your home. Keeping water away from your roof, siding, and foundation by diverting water through gutters, and downspouts. These are the three most affected areas damaged caused by water. Protect your home by having your gutters professionally cleaned and maintained.

Leaving your gutters to get clogged by leaves, debris, etc., leaves water unguided. This is when you will most likely find damp spots on your ceiling, walls, and possibly in your basement. Mold and mildew can grew in these types of situations.

  • Animal Nest and Insects: Insects love when it is dark and damp. Unclean gutters are a best friend for all insects, and pest. They love making rain gutters their home. Plenty of homeowners have found many types of insects, and pest living in dirty rain gutters.

How often should you clean your rain gutters?

Experts recommend cleaning your rain gutters twice per year in Spring and Fall. It is important to have any debris removed after the leaves have fallen from the trees near your home. For homes in San Diego, you should have your gutters cleaned once per year;  Between January and May, or between Sept and December is the most recommended time.


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*Note: In some situations there might be an extra $50-$100 “extra difficulty” fee added only if we need to use special equipment such as a 36 foot ladder, or if there’s larger bushes or trees that interfere with the technician’s ability to maneuver quickly, or if your home needs the gutter screens removed and reinstalled during the gutter clean-out. This additional fee reflects the additional time required to complete the cleaning ($50 = extra 30 minutes required, $100 = extra 1 hour need). All additional costs will be discussed during your complimentary estimate!