San Marcos Home Receives Solar Panel Cleaning

Before: Photo 1 Before: Photo 2 After: Photo 1 After: Photo 2 After: Photo 3 This SolarTidy customer from San Marcos, CA lives in a region where dust is the most prevalent problem. In the before pictures, we noticed that … Read More

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705 Solar Panel Parking Canopy Array Cleaned As Part of Commercial Service Plan

San Marcos, CA — It was a pleasure to return to one of our Gold Service Plan commercial customers to clean their 705 panel commercial system mounted on top of their apartment complex parking canopy or car port. It had … Read More

705 Panel Commercial System Mounted On Parking Canopy Cleaned At Apartment Building. Saves $15K/yr!

San Marcos, CA — It’s always exciting to clean a large commercial system as the benefits of cleaning are always amplified. This week we were very thankful to clean a 705 panel commercial system mounted on top of the parking … Read More

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