Carlsbad Home Uses SolarTidy For Professional Solar Cleaning

Carlsbad, CA — Today we had the pleasure to visit a new customer in Carlsbad to clean his 11 to to 17 panel solar array.  As you can see in the before and after pictures above and below, we discovered … Read More

Clean Solar Panels in Carlsbad Pays Dividend For Home Owner

Carlsbad, CA — We had the fortunate opportunity to clean a 26-34 solar panel array for an existing customer in Carlsbad yesterday as part of our Silver 2X/year service reminder plan.  It had been6 months since the last cleaning and … Read More

Carlsbad Home Ensures Maximum Solar Production After Cleaning

Carlsbad, CA — It was a pleasure to visit Carlsbad today to re-clean a 18 to 25 roof mounted solar panel array as part of our Silver 2x/year service plan. The Silver 2X plan provides our recommended cleaning frequency to … Read More

After our ProPlus Di-Ionized cleaning treatment, this Carlsbad Home’s solar panels shined with brand-new clarity!

Carlsbad, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean an 11-17 panel roof mount system in Carlsbad.  Our initial inspection revealed a thick layer of dust accumulation intermixed with some debris or pollen spots.  This combination was definitely preventing … Read More

Carlsbad Home Receives Massive Boost to Solar Panels Performance

Carlsbad, CA — We had the distinct pleasure to clean 18-25 solar panels at this home in the Carlsbad today. As you can see by the before and after pics, we discovered a thick combination of dust accumulation along with … Read More