One of thickest blanket layers of dust we’ve seen on these 21 solar panels in Santee

Santee, CA — Today we had the pleasure of visiting this home located in Santee to clean 21 roof mounted solar panels. We noticed one of the thickest (blanket) layers of dust accumulation that we have ever seen to date. … Read More

Black Mountain Area Home Has 20 Solar Panels Cleaned with Amazing Results

San Diego, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean this 20 panel roof mount system in the the Black Mountain area of San Diego.  These panels were installed about 1 1/2 years ago yet due to several nearby … Read More

Nearby Construction Covers Solar Panels with Dust in Oceanside

Oceanside, CA — Today we had the privilege to clean this 30 panel roof mount system in the coastal community of Oceanside, CA.  These panels are actually only a few months old, installed in October, 2017 but due to a … Read More

New Home in Construction Area in Ramona Has Solar Panels Cleaned

Ramona, CA — This week we completed a 35-42 panel residential roof mounted solar panel cleaning in the beautiful countryside community of Ramona. Due to the exposed nearby dirt roads and the construction projects around this newly developed property, these … Read More