Escondido Home Has Thick Layer of Dust Removed From Solar Panels

Escondido, CA — We had the opportunity to clean a 10 panel roof mounted system in Escondido today. Escondido is a region that receives a lot of dust and as you can see in the before and after pictures above … Read More

So I got my solar panels cleaned for the 2nd time …

Carlsbad, CA — One of the privileges of owning a solar panel cleaning company is that you get your panels cleaned at a super discounted rate.  I selected our customer’s most commonly selected service plan, 2X/year, not only so I … Read More

Thick Layer Of Dust & Debris Plague This Escondido Home Owner’s Solar Panels

Escondido, CA — Today we cleaned one of the thickest (blanket) layers of dust accumulation and debris we’ve seen all year at a home in Escondido. These 43 to 60 panels could barely been seen  under the layer of dust … Read More

Poway Residence Selects SolarTidy to Service Some Super Dirty Panels

There are many factors that can contribute to more dust accumulation such as proximity to a road, or construction project, and the angle of the panels or roof mount.  Recently we cleaned this 35+ panel system in Poway, CA that … Read More

What to Do With Extremely Dirty Solar Panels in San Marcos, CA?

SolarTidy recently cleaned this 26 to 34 panel residential system in San Marcos, CA.  As you can see in the before/after pictures above and below, there was a thick layer of dust and dirt accumulation that was forming a brown … Read More