Helpful Fact: Many of our customers have their windows cleaned at the same time as their solar panels. This saves time and money. Smart!

Window Cleaning


Take advantage of our ProPlus window washing services to clean your exterior windows, leaving them with an amazingly spot-free and clear finish. Service includes screen and window track cleaning (see details below). *This month, we’re running a special promotion that gives you 3 additional windows cleaned FREE.  Plus when you add windows to your Solar Cleaning order (Combo), you’ll get an extra $25 OFF! Please see our optional “add-on” pricing list for window cleaning.

Screen cleaning:  We will include screen cleaning at no additional charge as long as you remove the screens before/during our cleaning visit and lay them near the windows to be cleaned. We will rinse/scrub the screens and shake them (remove the water), then place them in a nearby location for drying. We suggest you let them fully dry for 10-15 minutes, then put them back in. We will not put the cleaned screens back in. The reason why we do not put them back in (before they are dry) is that we don’t want any excess water that may still be on the screens to drip on the freshly cleaned windows, thereby leaving water marks.

Note on how we count windows:  Normally all windows within an overall frame, regardless of panes, is counted as 1 window. Yet if you have a double hung window where any of the panes (or combination of panes) are much larger than 3.5′ by 3.5′, we will count that as a separate window. Double hung windows where any panes are smaller than 3′ by 3′, will be counted as one window. If it’s close, it’s 1 window. We do this because we’ve come across some very large double hung windows that take us a 2-3 times longer to clean both panes then the average single window. For example, something like this is counted as 2 windows (left and right).

To order, book your solar panel cleaning appointment and select the “Optional Add-On” box for Window Cleaning (see above). 50% off coupon is not valid with window cleaning.

*Note: Special Promotion called “$25 Off Combo” Ends July 31, 2018.The 3 FREE windows are added on to your order and can not be redeemed independently.

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